Orthotic & Bracing Socks

Orthotic & Bracing Socks
Do you or your child wear a brace or orthopedic device? Wearing the proper interface between the brace and the skin, can help avoid many skin problems. The material can wick moisture away from the skin and aid in preventing skin breakdown in the brace. Anatomical fit helps prevent wrinkling and bunching in the brace that you would have with a typical sock. Antimicrobial properties kill bacteria and odor problems. Completely seamless construction reduces irritation and pressure over the toes. Hi-tech fibers wick moisture away to keep skin cooler, drier and more comfortable.

Infant AFO Socks
Child AFO Socks
Children's Extra-Long AFO Socks
Child KAFO Socks
$20.00, 3/$57.00, 5/$90.00
Adult AFO Socks
Adult KAFO Socks
$28.00, 5/$133.00
Big Toe Sock - Infant/Child
$17.00, 3/$48.45, 5/$76.50
Big Toe Sock - Adult
$24.00, 3/$68.40, 5/$108.00
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