Barking Dog Shoe Company

Where feet and happy meet

Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless
— Anonymous

The Idea

My real job is CEO of an orthotics and prosthetics business.  We fit braces and artificial limbs every day.  I found that people were looking for a place to purchase socks to interface between the brace they were wearing and their skin.  Thus, Barking Dog Shoe Company.

I am a one man show here.  It's a family owned operation and I do my best to take good care of you.

Style & Quality

We look for products that you will like to wear, look good, and provide the comfort you need to get through your day.  

The products we sell are worn by me and I know they will last.  You are paying more, but you are getting products that last.  I have personally worn some of these socks for close to 5 years.  And yes, I wash them.


Our focus from the start has been to make your feet as happy as possible.  We started by selling socks and shoes.  The socks have just sold better.  We have added similar items like the torso interface socks for those who where back bracing.  We are always keeping our eyes open for new items to help you and your feet.